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Timeless Time Video
Laura Focarazzo
04:16 min

Timeless Time invokes a time outside of time where it is not possible to establish whether events have happened or are about to happen, if they are something imagined or a vague attempt to recapture that which lived before falling into the land of oblivion. Text excerpts are from the film Last Year at Marienbad by Alain Resnais (1961).
Monument of Distance
Azar Saiyar
01:06 Finland
06:59 min

Googoosh, a popular and loved iranian-azerbaijani singer, performs a version of the song Ayrılıq – Separation. The performance is from 1970s television show and it has been copied several times from one videotape to another. Ayrılıq could be a love song but it is told that composer Ali Salimi (who had migrated from Soviet Azerbaijan to Iran and left behind his home and loved ones) wanted to make music about his sense of longing.
Frédéric Doazan
06:26 min

Sunrise Cinema
Michael Cedlind
15:26 min

Which clip serves the depicted event best? What was actually the event? A travel through scenic landscapes, Sunrise Cinema is a series of tableaux in 9:16-format. Maybe they should be on top of one another, or maybe fill the whole screen? Then there is always the search for a narrative, which threatens to take the editor out of obscurity.
A Void
Katarina Löfström
08:36 min

The video work entitled A Void links to earlier abstract video works. It consists of visual components inspired by the connections between different pattern use around the world, and their origin in so-called entopic phenomena; a kind of feedback between the brain and retina that occur in the optic nerve, and which expresses itself in different geometric shapes and patterns.

Anna Linder
12:00 min

Spermwhore is a queer experimental film about unwanted childlessness in a world where normative heterosexual relationships dictate who can become parents and in what way. When it comes to reproduction our merciless bodies reduce us to merely a set sex or given gender. But the longing for children is not limited to our bodies, and the possibility of pregnancy can be gifted, shared and undertaken together.


The Millwheel Everyday
Toby Kaufmann-Buhler
06:21 min

"The Millwheel Everyday" is an experimental animation using text referencing history (from writing by my father W.K. Buhler), the poetry of my distant cousin Gertrud Kolmar, and letters written by Kolmar to her cousin Walter Benjamin. These elements create a collage of identities that span the 20th century, and the upheaval and migration that occurred in central Europe during this time. Toby Kaufmann-Buhler (b. 1978, based in Lafayette, Indiana USA) explores sensory perception, identity, history and memory through his work in image, sound and space. This involves the integration of a number of different media including video, film, found/composed sound, text, installation and performance work.