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Welcome to An Ordinary Day Film Festival!

The second year in a row we have organized an experimental film festival. The fun of experimental films is that the film is explored as a medium. We have seen lots of movies and have made a careful selection.

When watching films, many feelings may appear. We want to explore different topics and ways to make films. The viewers should enjoy the full spectrum of experimental movies.
The creators of the festival have different tastes which make the festival diverse. We have had discussions about the films and developed our own taste and we wish the visitors to do the same journey. Every kind of filmmaking is unique. We are proud to show the directors/artists film.

An Ordinary Day Film Festival is placed at Gallery Studio 44, an artist run gallery in Stockholm. After every filmsession you are free to discuss the films in the bar. An Ordinary Day Film Society loves to talk about films. That is the way of moving the creation of film forward.

Location: Studio 44, TjÀrhovsgatan 44, Stockholm