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Allison Schulnik
04:23 min

Film by Allison Schulnik
Cinematography by Helder K. Sun.
"It's Raining Today" written by Noel Scott Engel

Anna Stina Rehnström

Nice Try
04:23 min
Annika Larsson
22:00 min

Blind shows a group of blind football players during a game. Filmed at night, this exploration around issues of vision and blindness shows the players and the field in close up and in great detail. 

Antti Tanttu

06:43 min

Blackboard animation Qualia seeks for the essence of experience. There is no such thing as same feeling, same pain, same colour. Qualia is always subjective. The essence of universal experience is unreachable.


Brian Smee
Big Surf

07:37 min

San Francisquito Cyn, March 12th, 1928: The sound a horse makes as it's drowning. Minutes before midnight, the St. Francis Dam fails. It takes five and a half hours for the dam water to wash out to sea, taking with it hundreds of souls. 


Camelia Mirescu
In Corpore Fulget
04:14 min

The Light, a first aspect of the informal world, its symbolic sense is born from the contemplation of nature and is the starting point of comparison. The Water, source of life, a means of purification, regeneration center, origin and vehicle for all forms of life. Sedimentation of a rich reading of universal meanings, elaborated in an abstract travel telling "my own visual plasticity of a sensation", perhaps, an individual path to bring the unconscious to the Light, the Latin IN CORPORE FULGET, indeed.*


Carolina Hindsjö
The Summer
03:46 min

I wanted to make a film with no dialogue. The scenes are dreamy. Instead of having every scene animated, I also have put in stills. When the film has ended you are able to see the cast list. 
The film is based on a true story, but sometimes you have to show the feelings in another way than in a standard way. Stalking, Love, Madness and Revenge.


Colby Richardson
03:20 min

Shot on Super 8 using all in-camera edits, Convolve transforms pages from Greg Bright’s Fontana Mazes into a convoluted passage, using prisms, water refractions and warped chrome to obscure the already obscured path of The Maze. The score for this film is created by taking an analog-video feed of the film, and using the video output of the camera as an audio input. The black and white lines of the mazes sculpt the tone and structure of the audio in real-time, resulting in a jarring, alien soundscape.

Dante Zaballa

Tall Juan - Cuidacoches
01:49 min

Cuidacoches is a song by Tall Juan dedicated to all those people who live in the street. Made with acrylics, pastels and pencil on paper.

Debora Elgeholm
The cup is already Filling up
08:16 min

The film deals with the feeling of being chosen, and the responsibility that comes with being the Virgin Mary’s messenger. Using archive material, both images and text, a narrative is created of children’s own experiences of the apparitions in Fatima, Garabandal and Medjugorje.
DJ Hell/Tom of Finland

I Want U
04:16 min

*** First single from the new upcoming DJ Hell Album “Zukunftsmusik”*** 
Video/Concept/Production: DJ Hell // Artwork: Tom of Finland // Animation & Editing: Xaver Xylophon
Elenora Manca
Reverse Metamorphosis
02:13 min

The suggestion given by the jellyfish Turritopsis dohrnii, potentially immortal (it is reported to have a "reverse metamorphosis", as it is able to revert to the stage of sea anemone, reliving backwards each stage of its metamorphosis, to develop again into jellyfish) was here chosen in order to highlight the life cycle of every being. At the same time, it supports a sort of "yearning" for what we were about to meet in our "journey". Thus, a path of metamorphosis, into the heart of the energy of what we were going to "become".
Eleonora Manca
Note About

Note About is a reflection on the identity of memories in whose core is something true about the "us" that cannot be revealed, not even by the most heart-searching diary. At the same time, it symbolically tells about leaving, about any possible goal, or about never reaching it. The gateways, the destination. The passage. Following our footsteps, and our predecessors, until we stop before our breath. The dawning state in endless transformation, along the border connecting past and present. 
Elisabeth Belliveau
04:15 min

Troisieme is part of an animated trilogy inspired by the writing of Clarice Lispector. In this animation themes of momento mori and still life are explored through objects performing geometry, decay and transformation. Flowers and plants are observed through time lapse sequences while animated plasticine figures and paper cones come to life through motion and sound.


Florentine Greiler
Sommeil paradoxal
01:53 min

Dreaming... on film.

Gwendolyn Audrey Foster
Kiki´s film
04:18 min

A dream poem for Kiki de Montparnasse, (Alice Prin); artist, Muse, and creative partner of Man Ray. Kiki embodies the very essence of 1920's free queer sexuality and all things Dadaist and Surrealist. An interdisciplinary artist, Kiki was a wildly creative painter, model, writer, nightclub singer, photographer, performance artist, memoirist and vibratn bohemian provocateur at the center of the Dada and Surrealist literary and art scene in Paris, in the 1920s.
The Ice Hockey Film by Heidi
04:58 min

Heidi’s fantasy about hockey player Lauri Mäntyvaara is continuously failing. The film studies the encounters of optical and haptic cinema, and the change in the power structures of the gaze in cinema.
Helena Norell

03:13 min

A video where real things, small camping televisions, floor lamps, old-fashioned phones, a small table and a wall clock begin to move and get life searching for contact. Picture, sound waves and light travel, transmissions and teleports between people, furniture and plants.
Isabel Herguera

Kutxa Beltza

A moving truck is heading towards the Igueldo Lighthouse, where a woman with a dark-colored dog lives. Inside the charged environment that is the lighthouse’s interior, the woman will become the protagonist of the strangest of hallucinations.
Jack Williams

01:20 min

'This video was creating using footage of an electrical storm shot at a high shutter speed in Hanoi. I manipulated then multiplied the images to resemble a bank of monitors that you might find in a surveillance environment. The flicker from the lightening helps each of the boxes become more screen-like. In my video practice I often like capturing scenes from nature, and making them appear patently unnatural.’

Jim Trainor
12:00 min

A male God bestows upon animals the gift of self-awareness, which they promptly use to express guilt for their behavior.  This moral breakthrough is somewhat undermined by the appearance of humans, whose invention of magical belief systems degrades the whole of Nature. 

Jennifer Sharpe

Alternate Ending
11:37 min

Alternate Ending is a short horror film about a sight-seeing tour which evolves from a typical, pleasant exploration of new surroundings into a psychic nightmare. It was first screened at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art as part of M. Woods' exhibit "How Analog Impedes/How Digital Infects" in January 2018.

Joanna Rytel
Flasher Girl on Tour
13:48 min

Flasher Girl On Tour, is about a female flasher out on a flasher tour. Is it possible to flash oneself as a woman and not be an object? Is it possible to be sexual in public space on one’s own terms. Is it a revenge film? No, not at all.

Joe Hamilton

Regular Division
01:55 min

Regular Division is a looping spiral of meticulously layered scenes shot in a number of indoor gardens in Europe and Asia. The geographically disconnected locations merge to form a hybrid panorama of foliage under a canopy of gridded glass. The piece directly references histories of landscape painting via the layering of expressive paint marks lifted from famous paintings by artist such as Vincent van Gogh and Arthur Streeton. Regular Division is part of a series of works that were shot and digitally composed on location in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. This series, titled ‘Indirect Flights’, is a response to the impact of digital technologies on the representation of landscape.

Johan Carrasco

02:03 min

Short experimental made during the Experimental Film Workshop of the EICTV-Cuba 2014, dictated by Daichi Saito. Reversible 16mm film was used in black and white, and filmed with a Bolex Paillard. The effects were performed on camera using overprint techniques, frame by frame and long exposure. Manual development. The digitization was done by recording the projection.
Johan Rijpma

01:28 min
The Netherlands

A cylinder shaped cup falls and breaks into pieces. Every frame of this recorded movement is then manually translated into a ceramic layer that is made of the original remains of the cup. All the layers are then arranged vertically and glued together, forming a new object that visualizes the destructive moment. As this new form emerges gravity starts to shift pulling the new object into destruction as well. This cycle repeatedly keeps breaking the old to create the new, by translating destructive moments into higher dimensional forms.
Jonas Karen
Yoko Bono - Stress på jobbet
04:07 min

As an artist I am required to work not only as an artist but also to have other jobs to make a living. Stress på jobbet (Stressing at work) is a naïve song about not wanting to do that. The video mirrors that naïveness in it's use of clips from The Lumiére Brothers, various 3D-animations found on Youtube and other free access video footage mixed with material filmed the summer of 2017 in Ekerö, Sweden. "I don´t like the summer. I want to choose myself when I get my sunshine. So fuck you The Weather. I don't want to hear any more talk about economic growth. It doesn't benefit me at all so fuck you, you rich bastards" (excerpt from Yoko Bono - Stress på jobbet).
Kim Balouch

Simon Heartfield / Akhmatova
01:58 min

Musician and friend Simon Heartfield, asked me to make a video for one of the tracks from his album 'All that is solid melts into air' - The track I chose was'"Akhmatova Theme” which was inspired by John Berger reading a quotation from the Russian poet Anna Akhmatova in his documentary "About Time” 
Kristina Frank

2 Rabbits
09:17 min

2Rabbits makes a visit to the human civilization. The landscape is surreal and magical, with its trail of ruthless exploitation and destruction.They are open to what they see, and without condemning it seems as if they knew the complexity of life.

Laura Kraning

Language of Memory
03:23 min

“Language of Memory is a hand-processed, optically printed 16mm film composed of rayographs of my grandmother’s still negatives from the early 1900s, strips of her old lace casting abstract patterns on high contrast film, and the overlapping gestures of sewing and splicing film, related techniques historically attributed to women. It is both homage to my grandmother’s creative influence and a deconstruction of memory through fragmentation and the accretion of associations surfacing from the tactile processes of the film’s making.”- LK
Lina Selander
The Ceremony
16:18 min

The film beginns with the picture on the title page of Rudbeck’s Atlantica, in which Rudbeck tears a piece off the soft earth’s crust, revealing Sweden as the sunken Atlantis, and in the same audaciously unscientific way freed from reality’s hold, in layer by layer of time and film, like abandoned or yet to be built cities, identities, histories and places appear and are concealed: Tutankhamen’s crypt and unbroken seal, Bredäng and the grave of Caspar Hauser, the strange entrance to the old Stasi headquarters in Berlin, other places and other prisons, bound together by subterranean passages. This little film actually wants to be understood as an act of resistance, like a tentative breaking out of an order where the maximum speed and movement’s hyper synchronised time cannot be expressed other than in a stagnated and timeless flickering present. Does it not feel sometimes as if we were cut off from both the past and the future? Encased by machinic processes that want to destroy us? As if the future is no longer a promise of emancipation, just a more or less vague threat of an approaching disaster, and one that we ourselves have caused? The uncertain hope that might counter the loss of experience and community is admittedly voiced on a stage that is always other and with gestures that remain abstract – but still, another rhythm is possible: an alien, unknown time, incompatible, turning endlessly into itself, but that reveals itself and disappears.
Mats Landström
At home, at work, at play
01:16 min

A Day In The Life:)
Nada Hasan
Room at Region
12:05 min

Room At Region (X) is an experimental video work and fictional adaptation based on the artist’s personal experience of detention and archived anonymous testimonials of human rights defenders and people who survived being abducted and held in solitary confinement. Throughout the film, a female voice narrates a subtly cynical monologue of a woman living under an intensive surveillance system… The film tackles the concept of space, both in it’s physical and virtual meaning: “room” refers to the virtual space of her mind experiencing a post traumatic response after having been physically isolated in a solitary confinement cell. (…)

My Lindh
Nordic Panoramas, Landscape No.1
05:41 min

Nordic Panoramas, Landscape No.1 is the first in a series of video works that all process the image of the Nordic landscape. The vast perspective reveals a broken topography of mountains and fields, a stereotypical representation of Icelandic nature. The sedate depiction puts the landscape in a subtle yet brutal motion and contributes to an intellectual uncertainty where only the small lateral displacements reveals that it is actually a moving picture and not the viewer’s gaze that is confused.

Nadia Lee

03:46 min

Nadia Lee Cohen's photographs and films, heavily inspired by Americana and Britain in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s, are veritable visions of saturated, surreal dreamscapes. Drawing upon the duality of the female form, fine art photographer and filmmaker Lee Cohen locks our optics upon the twisted paradise that lurks within her mind. She explores the paradoxical standoff between strength and fragility within womankind.
The film is made in collaboration with Italian streetwear brand GCDS, features Pamela Anderson and Danielle Romer, with a soundtrack by Charlie Feathers.
Nadia Lee

03:24 min

British photographer and filmmaker Nadia Lee Cohen takes satirical look at feminine beauty ideals. Soundtracked by French rockers La Femme, the stylish film sees a sorority of wax-faced women offer a tongue-in-cheek guide to achieving beauty.

Phil Hastings
Fragmentum 23(B)
02:10 min

Fragmentum 23(B) is part of a series of short experimental video works. They are meditations on thoughts unresolved, dreams not quite remembered and desires or fears at the edge of consciousness, their inter-connectivity fragile but growing. A partial sentence/thought added to the beginning of each piece establishes a brief narrative - a jumping off point, to trigger in the viewer a feeling or memory and an opportunity to participate in the creation and defining of the moment.

Roland Quelven
W_Spaces Of Otherness
05:10 min

Other spaces between Utopian and Real landscapes.
W_Spaces for otherness (W is for Window) is a work which belongs to a serie entitled Heterotopology. ____Espaces hétérotopiques_____Contre Espaces______Ailleurs______

"We do not live in a white and neutral space ; we do not live, we do not die and we do not love inside the rectangle of a piece of paper. We live, we die and we love in a space which is divided up, cut up, coloured in, which has its light and dark zones, its different levels, its steps, its hollows, its bumps, its hard areas and other friable, penetrable and porous areas. There are the transit zones, the streets, the trains and the subways; there are the open zones of the temporary stop, the cafés, the cinemas, the beaches and the hotels, and then there are the closed zones of rest and home. Yet, there are other places which are absolutely different among all these places which differ from one another : places which are opposed to all the others and which are meant to erase them in a way, to neutralize and purify them. These are a kind of counter-space. 


Roland Quelven
La Chambre de Monsieur Tatischeff
05:41 min

"Je veux que le film commence quand vous quittez la salle". La chambre de Monsieur Tatischeff as a suite of independents loops, using an vintage industrial aesthetic, without any narrative continuity, oscillating between realism and surrealism, where speech is prohibited and reduced to onomatopoeia, where sound is an element of the decor.. as an independent character. Besides this "chambre/camera" refers also to silent movies, through repetitive scenes and Buster Keaton's presence. A tribute to Jacques Tatischeff, to his world and his references.


Rosa Menkman
Where are the newer media?
03:12 min

In 2014 Ted Davis invited me to give a talk in Basel, at the FHNW, in a series called 'The New and the Newer Media'. Although very happy with this invitation, I had a hard time wrapping my head around this topic: after studying media for 15 years, I have read as many definitions of media as I have read books...
But more importantly even, I am not sure what 'new' means!
Hito Steyerl gave a talk at MOCA in February this year, in a series on "what is contemporary?". So there is people who actually dare to ask similar questions, but to me its frightening.. 
By answering to Teds call, I would only present my own perspective on the state of the new(er) media rather than illustrate what the newer media are in actuality (they are not even one /thing/!)...
This video is a render of me navigating the beginning slide of my powerpoint in 3D, presented back then in Basel, where my CPU overheated and finally my computer died during the presentation (and everything went black…) (…)

Afternoon Hands
Sam Hoolihan
09:00 min

‘Afternoon Hands’ is a portrait of my wife’s hands that explores internal rhythm and tempo through varying different shooting patterns during single-frame filmmaking. I’m fascinated by the possibilities of creating percussion and melody inside the viewer’s mind through silent film. ‘Afternoon Hands’ was shot on Super 8 film and hand-processed in the fall of 2013.
Sasha Svirsky

Ants songs
12:18 min

Dramatic story of a man and a woman who had a short but torrid love affair. The affair had high consequences - the young woman was pregnant and dreamt to get married with the father of a future baby, but the man chose a not young but rich bride instead of her. To hide his relationship with the young woman he went in for a terrible act. Some ants became witnesses of that act. As time passes the ants stop being just witnesses and following their instincts and laws known only to them they rule the destinies of the characters and redress an injustice.


Shelley Lake
Polly Gone
03:02 min

America has an inferiority complex. Once the technological world leader, we are losing our foothold in the global marketplace. As an artist and businesswoman who works with technology, I encounter many computer, naive people and with those on the defensive about their aversion to technology’s latest achievement. Though we recognise immense importance of the computer, we are frightened of its power and by our lack of understanding. By replacing our fears with love, we may better understand the computer, hence better understand ourselves.


Shen Jie
05:09 min

One of the three monkeys died.


Siavash Naghshbandi
Daily life in the city
03:31 min

”Daily Life in The City” Life goes on in Tehran. Meanwhile, in this public pool, headless people continue to wander around free of any individuality.


Tiny Mountains
07:56 min

Tiny Mountains is a mockumentary comedy short. A narrator explains the different time periods the world has gone through. We touch down at each geologic period to see how the world differs from the past. We learn how living creatures like plants, furniture and horses coexist in the ecosystem. Finally, we make a deeper study of the person, an unusual creature with particular wants, needs and habits.


Ulu Braun
Die Herberge
14:45 min

In a place where a biblical landscape and western myths converge, there is a house, part biker hangout, part mountain farm. It welcomes all beings who traverse this inhospitable landscape. In „The Hostel“, past and future merge into one place, and deepest misery and recreation are not mutually exclusive. This is where our paths cross.

Wheeler Winston Dixon

The Catastrophhe Series
13:26 min 

“THE CATASTROPHE SERIES deals with human and natural disasters, stylized and accelerated to about 1 minute or so each. Each day, the news is full of fresh details of catastrophe on an international scale, but the stories don’t have an impact on the reader, because they’re happening to someone else. In this series, I’d like to suggest that catastrophe is not only universal, but also unavoidable, and that it will happen to all of us. These ten short films, then, are an attempt to come to terms with the inevitable destruction of all things.” – Wheeler Winston Dixon

Zhong Su
Magnificent Obsession
25:55 min

It is one of the formulations of the political and social issues of our time: the relationship between the individual and community or society, and how the individual can live in the latter's reality. Zhong Su's artwork, set in contemporary China, portrays this as the tale of an individual's search for knowledge and transcendence by displaying the reality he faces in a kaleidoscope of three synoptic perspectives. It starts as a "landscape" of the present and the technical, social, socialist-capitalist reality as an underwater world. It continues in the "passions", talking of social desires, goals and dogmas, before "history" captures the community through the ages and contexts in further stunning images. Zhong Su closes this interpretation of reality with a fourth chapter entitled "adaptation": based formally on J.L. Borges' "Book of Sand", but also related to the life of the individual as they are explorating, adapting and reworking reality in their quest to transcend it. He finds his obsession not in archaic collections of writings but in the endless preciousness of Holy Writings he encounters. His obsessive search for an experience of himself in a reality transcending the given reality becomes a mystic immersion in which he encounters self-knowledge. And yet it doesn't take him outside of himself: despite his obsessive self-knowledge he cannot escape himself. An epic short film work of art.
-64 International Short Film Festival Oberhausen Prize of the Ecumenical Jury