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A Message From An Ordinary Day Film Festival

An Ordinary Day Film Festival will run 13th to 18th April 2021. It was scheduled for august 2020, but concerns about the pandemic prompted a change. The fun of experimental films is the exploration of the medium. We want to give our viewers a full spectrum of different topics and ways of making movies, hopefully evoking a wide range of feelings. We are enthusiasts ourselves. Everyone of us with different tastes in art and film, which we are reminded of every time we have discussions in our group. We are inviting our visitors and participants to embark on this exciting journey of joy and exploration with us.

An Ordinary Day Film Festival is held at Gallery Studio 44, an artist run gallery in Stockholm. After every film session you are invited to discuss the films in the bar. An Ordinary Day Film Society loves to talk about films. That is the way to move the creation of film forward.

Tickets are bought at the festival. The price is 30 sek for each day. If you want to go to the festival the whole week, there is an offer to be a member of An Ordinary Day Film Society. The price is 100 sek and you will be able to watch all the good films.

We are thanking Stockholm Stad for valuable support.

Availability: The area of Studio 44 is approximate 170 square meters. You are able to reach Studio 44 by staircase or elevator. The elevator is 85 cm wide and 160 cm deep and the door is 80 cm wide. In the space you can drive a motorized wheelchair. The toilet is 145 cm times 195 cm and the door is 80 cm wide.

Recent Projects

Video Art: Uncanny

October/November 2020

At the turn of the month October / November 2020 during Halloween, we showed an international program of innovative experimental art video at Slipvillan, on the island LĂ„ngholmen in Stockholm, Sweden. The program was titled Uncanny. The film screening took place both indoors and outdoors. Seventeen artists participated with short films. The shortest only 30 seconds long. Feel the heart beat, experience the horrors of beauty surgery, see Dear Robot walk, be wrapped and shaken and much more. The program was a collaboration between An Ordinary Day Film Festival and Two Change.

Only Sound

17th July 2020

In honour of Ennio Morricone, who died 6th July 2020, we played every sound from the films of the 2019 An Ordinary Day Film Festival. The visitors were encouraged to bring their own blankets to lie on the floor or sit on one of our chairs. It was a celebration of Ennio Morricone and all the musicians/artists who work with sound.

Are you an experimental filmmaker?

This is an open call for filmmakers around the globe to reach out to us.
Our goal is to give filmmakers a way to showcase their work to a broader audience.
Our focus is on short films not longer than 20 minutes and the theme is
the moving image as an experimental art form. If you are interested in
showcasing your film at our festival, click below to reach our open call page!


Previous Festivals

An Ordinary Day Arrangers

Helena Norell

Mats Landström

Carolina Hindsjö

Kasia Piorek