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2023 Films

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21 april-7 maj/ 21th April-7Th May

Torsdag-Fredag 12.00-18:00
Lordag-Sondag 12:00-17:00. Link to map

Filmer av/ Films by:
Seriously, Eva Mag
Moon boats, Alma Edvall Bons
Stand_Sit_Lie, Gustaf Broms
The more I practice the worse it gets, Jonas Jordell
Forced Chance, Jordana Loeb
As if I was my Father, Leif Elgren
Cables, PRZ Perfect Relation Zone
Kitchen, PRZ Perfect Relation Zone
Maid in Sweden, Christina Gothesson, Susanne Torstensson, Helena Burman
THIS IS THE WORD 1.0, Ekaterina Sisfontes


Fredag 21 april / Friday 21th April. Link to map

Time: 17:00-22:00


Lordag 22 april / Saturday 22th April Link to map

Time and place: 18:00-24:00 at Studio 44.


An Ordinary Day Film Festival was established in 2017, with the intention of showing the best and most interesting works from artists and film makers. The fun of experimental films is that the film is explored as a medium. We see a lot of movies and makes a careful selection. When watching films, many feelings may appear. We want to explore different topics and ways to make film. The viewers should enjoy the full spectrum of experimental movies. The creators of the festival have different tastes which make the festival diverse. We have discussions about films and develope our own taste and we wish the visitors to do the same journey. AODFF screens a broad range of experimental work, including animation, documentary, narrative, and hybrid films. Each year the festival presents 40-60 shorts films and videos in programming, both from Sweden and international, that demonstrate a high regard for the moving image as an experimental art form. We choose films that allow us to focus on unconventional ways of working with taudience, breaking patterns of filmic perception and providing extraordinary filmic experience. Every kind of filmmaking is unique. We are proud to show the directors/artists film.

Festival date: 21th of April-7th May 2023

Thursday - Friday 12-18
Saturday 12-17
Sunday 12-17

The Culture Night 22th of April: Free Entry

Gallery Studio 44, Tjärhovsgatan 44, Stockholm, Sweden

Availability: The area of Studio 44 is approximate 170 square meters. You are able to reach Studio 44 by staircase or elevator. The elevator is 85 cm wide and 160 cm deep and the door is 80 cm wide. In the space you can drive a motorized wheelchair. The toilet is 145 cm times 195 cm and the door is 80 cm wide.

An Ordinary Day Film Festival is placed at Gallery Studio 44, an artist run gallery in Stockholm. An Ordinary Day Film Society loves to talk about films. That is the way of moving the creation of film forward.

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Instagram: @anordinarydayfilmfestival

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