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Home styling
Magdalena Ljung
08:15 min

I walk around in my apartment and speak about everything that needs a fix. I occupy myself with details and lose perspective. Everything needs to straighten up! There is a fixation with decoration and furnishing nowadays. Mostly women burden themselves and their beloved with a total makeover of a home. I want to point on the limitless of such a project. I also want to comment on all the time that is being spent on work to make things look normal. 
Still of a House
Pille Riin Jaik
04:41 min

Concept: 'Still of a House' is a hybrid documentary film telling a story of a historic family house through the means of abstraction, b-category film ghost effects, experimental camera work, foley sounds, melody and short poem. It aims to unravel an uncanny feeling of an old abandoned house, where nothing and everything seems to move at the same time. A certain oversaturation of history that seems to inhabit houses after the inhabitants have left. Without talking heads telling their story, the house itself becomes the protagonist and the tools of filmmaking (montage, camera movement, sound) become its chosen form of communication.
Masumi Saito & Guy Wigmore
05:51 min