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The Average
Iris Smeds
13:50 min

The Average is a film about the pursuit of mediocrity. Led by the artist dressed in Dalí's melting clocks, we meet a centipede that breaks in two, a TV anchor and a writer fighting about the separation of the collective, and an Ikaros who no longer wants to burn.
Je Ne Sais Plus [What Is This Feeling]
Kristin Reeves
04:05 min

A digital re-staging of expanded cinema “Je Ne Sais Plus [What Is This Feeling”. Built on 27, 10-second 16mm film loops constructed from found footage and direct laser-animation techniques. An obstacle course between the heart and the doctor’s office leads to [DESTINY.] Kristin Reeves is an artist who meditates on the materiality of the body and the struggle to achieve personal sovereignty within its bounds. "Je Ne Sais Plus" is Lesley Gore's French version of "You Don't Own Me." The translation of je ne sais plus is I don't know what I once knew, or I don't know anymore. What is this feeling?
Mats Landström
06:40 min

To know where you are but still feeling lost. A feeling of not belonging. Uncertain about place and time. Connected but isolated. Maybe a loss of identity. But everything is still kind of ok. Just a bit confusing.
Katarzyna Piorek
03:51 min
Musik: Alvin Piorek Modiggård

The film originally is presented as a loop.

It is a manifest about searching for humanity hidden under a mask out of a protective material for a wounded face: a bandage.

The idea of the film introduces the problem of a mask: an artificial face and the true self we hide underneath. The mask, which we put on for various reasons: to be adapt, accepted or admired…

By pretending to be someone else we are not ourselves anymore. We are forced to lie. The mask is not just the make-up, but also our compulsion to adapt to the mainstream trends. It is a kind of strange enslavement.
black enuf*
Carrie Hawks
22:17 min

black enuf* chronicles a queer oddball seeking approval from Black peers despite a serious lack of Hip-Hop credentials. This short animated documentary takes you on a quest for belonging.
Daniel McIntyre
08:00 min

A response to news of a celebrity paternity suit and the mythology adhered to it, Exhumation obsesses over buried memories to create one’s own monster from memory. Re-composed of images chemically treated to disintegrate, the figures peel their identities away to remain as ghosts of what once was. At once a diary of a death mask and of speculative hope, Exhumation dives through years of hurt feelings to find that although the body was here, you vanished..