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Futures for Failures
Crystal Z Campbell
01:04 min

Futures for Failures is a double narrative of failure: architectural and social. The film holds space for conversations between the disappeared and the disappearing. 
Sabine Gruffat
10:15 min

Sabine Gruffat is an artist who works with experimental video and animation, media-enhanced performance, participatory public art, and immersive installation. In this work, machines, interfaces, and systems constitute the language by which she codes the world. The creation of new ideas means inventing new tools, crossing analog and digital signals, or repurposing old machines to patch into new ones. By actively disrupting both current and outmoded technology, Gruffat questions standardized ways of understanding the world around us. She is also a filmmaker with a special interest in the social and political implications of media and technology. Her experimental and essay films explore how technology, globalization, urbanism, and capitalism affect human beings and the environment. These films seek to empower people, encourage social participation, and inspire political engagement. Sabine's films and videos have screened at festivals worldwide.
Oliver Magee
03:22 min

Fall is a very personal film, about struggles in life, coming to terms with our fate. In that the story emerged throughout the production, it has become a very vivid reflection of where I was in that moment of my life, perhaps a feeling of helplessness. I hope it is a film that others can reflect on. My work continues to explore absurdities in life and our understanding of each other.
The city is all of us!
Koffe Berger
01:04 min

Time-lapse photography from a local hill called ”Hammarbybacken”, all shots then processed separately using mobile apps. Each frame used would take between a few seconds or up to half an hour to process. The work with the film took place periodically, often through many hours of uninterrupted hyperfocus for several days - some cases even weeks - in a row. Koffe Berger. Born in Stockholm 1975, activist, photographer, projectionist, zero budget filmmaker, editor of a zine called Stinky, and member of various orchestras, like Dekoder, and Mitt Hjärta Är En Bomb.
Karl-Oskar Gustafson
10.55 min

When does a meeting begin and where does it end? What do you carry with you and what did you leave behind? THE SQUARE OF THE STAR explores meetings between people in a big circular square in Stockholm that is built in the shape of a star. A hybrid documentary exploring how choreography can be used as a tool in filmmaking. The filmmaker Karl-Oskar Gustafsson creates a pattern where people walk in different orbits like planets, circling around and into the fountain, making encounters with each other. Interviews became the dialogue in the film.
To Make You Feel Comfortable
Julia Weißenberg
09:15 min

To Make You Feel Comfortable“ develops in context of a smart city, a narrative about the resident A who lives in one of the smart homes. The structure of the narrative follows the semantics of the word „smart“, which means intelligent, clever or elegant as well as pain. The narration is interrupted by advertising blocks. „To Make You Feel Comfortable“ focuses on the conditions of communication. The characteristic of a Smart City or a Smart Home is that all things are in constant exchange with each other through the Internet of Things. The main objective is to create the greatest possible degree of sustainability (energy efficiency) as well as safety. On the other hand a permanent data collection means that the entire behavior of the city dwellers can be monitored. The video shows A in different situations communicating with a virtual counterpart. The conversation is about banal things like her clothes, text messages, her workplace or her new shoes. The form is sometimes reminiscent of chats, as they occur in the social networks. Besides the interruptions of the advertising blocks, the video is interrupted by a conversation between three „wigs“ floating above the city. Their conversation is about a secret and the question of whether this should be preserved or revealed. The texts developed for the video are e.g. based on statements on data protection of the former Google CEO Eric Schmidt as well as on a presentation of Rem Koolhaas on the topic of the Smart City from the year 2014.
Stockholm 1970
Felice Hapetzeder
10:00 min

A paradoxical video piece about how prejudice works both ways. An Italian man is talking about his youth dream about Sweden as an ideal country of freedom: politically, intellectually and sexually. When he went to Stockholm in 1970 this dream was destroyed. Here he tells why, and also why Italians (especially those from the south) go insane by living in Sweden!