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Drama Free
Nick DenBoer
04:14 min

An alien worm creature invades earth creating mutations and spreading like a virus. Deadmau5 and Lights get at the heart of the problem and save the day.
Dirk Koy
06:49 min

The search for the picturesque component  in digital animation. Between concretization and abstraction.
Information to the music: The music I made in 1995 with one of the first  personal computers which was IBM compatible:  an Amstrad PC1512 Schneider from 1986:  de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amstrad_PC1512 using an adlib sound card:  nerdlypleasures.blogspot.ch/2015/07/the-first-sound-card.html
Helena Norell
04:48 min

A stop motion movie mixed with films from travels. A gray armchair, a yellow cart and a red stool walk, jump, swim or be thrown around in diverse environments.
Markus S Fiedler
03:54 min

Particles, webs, echoes of contours, IRL footage and cosmic dancers accompany the music Andreas created during a residency in Teheran. Movements, aesthetics, spaces, layers, patterns and loops develop with the emotional, rhythmic and sonic scenario of the music and the situation in which it was created. Another plain emerges from the different "aggregate states" of rock: as a single unit, as composites in buildings, as sand/desert.
Safari Show Proposal
Thomas Hämén
03:03 min

Default Character
Anna Ådahl
13:32 min

The film Default Character focuses on the vocabulary, tools and human representation in the various types of softwares that is used for modelling and tracking crowd behaviours. The film include images from online tutorials of crowd simulation programs, human crowd tracking devices and newly shot scenes of gestures and postures performed by dancer Pelle Andersson. The featured examples given by the crowd simulation tutorials are perfectly coordinated swarms, mass body crushes, camp sites and religious gatherings such as the Hajj in Mecka. In the film these clips are confronted with images of tracking devices monitoring crowds and newly shot scenes where gestures drawn from the simulated crowd agent are re-enacted by one dancer. The voice-over, interlaces the information, the instructions from the software tutorials with my own voice and thoughts